Circus Devils brings you 19 sonic postcards from a probable future forecasting civilization's approaching doom and opportunities to cash in. Great listening for late night car trips, driving alone of course.  Keep watching the skies! 


Circus Devils stretch their musical muscles on this collection of subtly weird, thematically unrelated pieces, at times venturing into jazzier territory.

I RAZOR (2012)

Music from the experimental feature film includes instrumental pieces by Todd Tobias and songs from Circus Devils. 68 minutes of music on 36 tracks. A cinematic journey for the ears. 

Available in CD /DVD / download from HIDDEN SHOAL RECORDINGS

CAPSIZED! (2011)

Circus Devils hits the high seas. Once again the band transcends musical genres with a strangely coherent blend of soft rock, aggresive stompers, creepy soundscapes and a radio-friendly pop song (Cyclopean Runways). CAPSIZED! is a movie for the ears, taking the listener on a dark adventure with strange cargo, sirens, shipboard ghosts and bad soup.  


Circus Devils is back in form with MOTHER SKINNY following their all-acoustic 2009 release GRINGO. This time the devils run the gamut from ham-fisted, hard rock thumpers to freak-pop to pretty, ethereal numbers, all weaved together in a seamless song-collage. As always, the band is steadfast in their unpredictability. The material on Mother Skinny might be described as art rock made by cave men. 

GRINGO (2009)

Circus Devils goes acoustic! With a 1970's Morricone-esque, Southwestern flavor, Gringo is a song-cycle with moods ranging from jubilant to melancholy to mean, all wrapped in the trademark Circus Devils palette of exotic sounds. 

ATAXIA (2008)

H.P. Lovecraft meets Devo on ATAXIA, Circus Devils' collection of moonshine revelries and musical trips by torchlight into the mist-shrouded fields and forests of Ohio (aka: land of mystery). Robert Pollard and the Tobias brothers treat us to an intoxicating blend of jagged, insistent rock and uneasy lullabies. 

SGT. DISCO (2007)

The double album released on Mike Patton's Ipecac label, this is Circus Devils' apotheosis.  Shanties, throbbing gristle-esque loops and noises, stoner jams and mini-pop-operas all piled like vignettes and miniatures, creating an alternate music universe in which every song is a hit.  

FIVE (2005)

Perhaps the least accessible C.D. album of all.  Like a deformed brother kept hidden away in the cellar, you may have difficulty tracking down this one.  For the curious, there is beauty to be found along with the shocking. 


A garage rock opera, including the laboratory built off the garage where substances are brewed. Join Pinball, Flush, Z and Eel on the streets of your town as they take a strange journey. See you inside.


The circus devils debut album is also their most dangerous. Not fit for the squeamish or anyone else who likes their songs to go down easy.

ALBUMS listed below by year.    Collect all 14!  Click on album covers below to see in iTunes

Click on song titles in red text to listen

1 Beyond The Sky 1:10
2 You're Not A Police Car 1:57
3.  Bad Earthman
4. idiot Tree 1:45
5 Arrival At Low Volume Submarine 2:20
6 Craftwork Man 2:27
7 Blood Dummies 1:44
8 When Machines Attack 1:55
9 Wizard Hat Lost In The Stars 1:48

12 Brain Of The Iron Fist 1:44
13 Let Us Walk With Monsters 2:47
14 The Horrified Flower 2:21
15 Doberman Wasps 1:54
16 The Lamb Gets Even 1:28
17 Centerverse 2:38
18 We Shall Soon Discover 2:38
19 Beyond The Sky (Part 2) 1:3

1. Devilspeak  2. Feel Try Fury   3. Buffalo Spiders 4.  World 3    5. Blanks 6. North Morning Silver Trip  7. Ringworm Interiors   8. Spectacle   9. You First   10. Knife Song    11. Kingdom Of Teeth   12. Oil Birds   13. Lizard Food   14. Not So Fast    15. Apparent The Red Angus   16. Playhouse Hostage  

 17. Straps Hold Up The Jaw    18. Correcto    19. STAR PEPPERED WHEAT GERM    20. Silver Eyeballs   21. Decathalon   22. Peace Needle   23. Drill Sgt. Soul   24. Protect Thy Interests   25. Let's Go Back To Bed   26. Sterility Megaplant   27. New You (You Can See And Believe)   28. Circus Devils Theme

1. Alaska To Burning Men   2. Saved Herself, Shaved Herself    3. Soldiers Of June    4. I Guess I Needed That   5. Festival Of Death    6. Dirty World News    7. May We See The Hostage?    8. Do You Feel Legal?        9. A BIRDCAGE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE     10. Injured?    11. Foxhead Delivery

12. Last Punk Standing    13. BULL SPEARS    14. Discussions In The Cave    15. Recirculating Hearse    16. Pigs Can't Hide (On Their Night Off)    17. Exoskeleton Motorcade    18. Real Trip No. 3    19. Vegas    20. The Pilot's Crucifixion/Indian Oil    21. Tulip Review    22. The Harold Pig Memorial  

1. Are You Out With Me?     2. Gargoyle City     3. Pinball Mars     4. SICK COLOR     5. Don't Be Late     6. Inkster And The King      7. A Puritan For Storage     8. Alien      9. Plasma    10. Dragging The Medicine   11. Bow Before Your Champion    12. Glass Boots    13. (No) Hell For Humor     14. Raw Reaction: A. Nutrition Is Vital; B. Strange Journey (See You Inside); C. Inside; D. Come Out Swinging 

1. The Bending Sea    2. Look Between What's Goin' On     3. Just Touch Them     4. ARTHEROID VOGUE       5. DOG LICKING BABY   6. Thelonius Has Eaten All The Paper    7. Strain          8. Animal Motel    9. Future For Germs   10. Effective News   11. No Wonder They Don't Stand Tall    12. We Taught Them Rock And Roll    13. Eyes Reload    14. Her Noise     

15. "In The Mood"    16. Tell 'Em The Old Man Is Coming Down   17. DOLPHINS OF COLOR        18. Dreaming The Temple   19. The Word Business   20. Headhunter Who Blocks The Sky    21. People Thing    22. You Take The Lead    23. The Other Heart 

1. Zig Zag     2. In Madonna's Gazebo     3. George Took A Shovel     4. PATTERN GIRL     5. Nicky Highpockets    6. Love Hate Relationship With The Human Race     7. BRICK SOUL MASCOTS PART 1      8. Break My Leg    9. Outlasting Girafalo    10. The Assassin's Ballroom (Get Your Ass In)    11. The Winner's Circle     12. The  Constable's Headscape    13. In Your Office     14. New Boy    15. Puke It Up    16. Swing Shift     17. Happy Zones

18. The Pit Fighter    19. BOGUS REACTIONS   20. Hot Lettuce    21. Safer Than Hooking     22. Dead Duck Dinosaur     23. Do This     24. Brick Soul Mascots (Part 2)     25. Caravan     26. Lance The Boiling Son          27. WAR HORSIES    28. French Horn Litigation    29. The Baby That Never Smiled      30. Man Of Spare Parts  31. Rose In Paradise    32. Summer Is Set 

1. Under Review     2. I RAZORS    3. FREEDOM'S MONSTER      4. That's the Spirit (inst.)     5. Backwash Television  

6. THE GIRLS WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN      7. Mayflower Brought Disease     8. Stars, Stripes and Crack Pipes     9. Ataxia (inst.)

10. Nets at Every Angle     11. Hi, I'm Martha. How are you?     12. Lunatic Style    13. GET ME EXTRA!    14. I Found the Black Mind     15. HE HAD ALL DAY     16. Fuzz in the Street     17. Rat Faced Ballerina 

1. Witness Hill     2. Every Moment Flame On    3. Ships From Prison To Prison    4. Bad Baby Blue    5. EASY BABY   6. Before It Walks     7. Monkey Head    

8. WHEN THE BEAST FALLS DOWN     9. LETTERS FROM A WITCH    10. Arizona Blacktop Company     11. Hot Water Wine    12. In Your Hour Of Rescue     13. Ants     14. STARS ON ALL NIGHT     15. The Gasoline Drinkers    16. Yellow Cloud

1. Sub Rat     2. Lurking     3. WOLF MAN CHORDS     4. Hard Art (Hard All Day)      5. Get On It         6. His Troops Are Loyal     7. Kingdoms Of Korea     8. BAM BAM BAM     9. Germ Circus      10. 8 Legs To Love You

11. 17 Days On The Pole      12. Freezer Burn     13. We Don't Need To Know Who You Are        14. A Living Necklace Of Warts     15. The New Nostalgia    16. The Cave Of Disappearing Men     17. Mother Skinny    18. ALL THE GOOD ONES ARE GONE    19. Pledge    20. SHUT UP 

1. To England The Tigers    2. Capsized!    3. CYCLOPEAN RUNWAYS    4. Legendary Breakfast Code         5. Nully Skully      6. Aerial Poop Show    7. HANGERMAN SUITS    8. Leave The Knife Curtis        9. Vampire Playing A Red Piano

10. Double Vission    11. What Wallace?    12. Plate Of Scales    13. Siren      14. Henry Loop    15. Stiffs On Parade    16. The Matter Of Being Good    17. GABLE'S EAR WAX     18. End Of The Swell     19. Safe On A Vegetable 

1. Stop Floating     2. IT FLOORS THE JANE  3. Bird Zone   4. Deliver Ice Cream (You Must)     5. Mine   6. Great Orphan      7. Android Dust    8. We'd Be Alright

9. Subway To Human Nature    10. Locomotion Blue Note    11. It Is Not Necessary    12. Eddie's Derangement 13. Strained Ligature    14. Peculiar Smells    15. Skyclops    16. Lice     17. Wizard

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ESCAPE (2014)

Circus Devils takes a break from brash psychedelic rock to gear down with a collection of acoustic ballads; friendly, lo-fi pop; and murky, otherworldly mood pieces, creating what might be described as a broadcast from a parallel world where the year is 1964 and 2077 at the same time.  For best results, listen late at night with headphones in a dark room. 

1. THIN ESCAPE  2. The Big Strong Sea    3. EYE MASK OF LEAVES  4. To Be So Welcome    5. ANIMALS ARE ALARM CLOCKS    6. Demons of the Purple Subway (inst)    7. Hacking at a Hedge    8. THEY'RE NOT REAL HONEY    9. The Gravity Test   10. Play Alice (inst)    11. Bouncing of the Dolls   12. THE NIGHT OF ANYTHING  13. Bouncing of the Heads   14. Draw a Flag (inst)   15. Eat at Eat    16. I am Looking    17. The Result of a Smiling Man   18. Diamond Boys    19. Escape (inst) 

The unreleased fourth Circus Devils record (2004)

 No information is available for this album.  Some say it was never recorded.  Others claim it was shelved  because it was just a shitty album.  

A rock and roll sock in the jaw, STOMPING GROUNDS blasts off with the vocal bravado of Robert Pollard at full tilt. The album?s flipside detours into more psychedelic territory, offering a mixture of weird and pretty vignettes.  Themes include the stomping grounds of Robert Pollard's boyhood, the wasteland of regimented work-ruled living, sexually active geezers, lost girls and sick doctors. The album closes with the standout track "Sunflower Wildman (Remember Him?,? an anthemic prog-rock story song about a shut-in with dementia who chases boys away from his sunflower-choked yard.   


1) Schedules of the Dead   2) SEEDS OF THE CRAFT   3) COLD JOKER   4) HUE N' DYE   5) Weed World    6) I'm Goin In   7) Blundering Reply   8) Girl In SPace   9) Wise Man's Lament   10) Dr. Pompous   11) Sunflower WIldman   12) Stomping Ground   13) All The Rage   14) Where Hornsby Used to Live   15) The Liquid Observer   16) SUNFLOWER WILDMAN (Remember Him?)


Circus Devils' very first 7-inch single, on transparent yellow vinyl.



Circus Devils takes a breathless romp through multiple styles, creating an enjoyable listen from front to back.  Filled with high humor and low drama, Laughs Last marks a bold exclamation point at the end of  Circus Devils' 16-year run.  Godspeed you devils!


1) Get Out of My Way When I'm In Town   2) Philosophy Bag  3) ZX35 Pow  4) TEENAGE ROOSTER  5) Alice Cooper Alarm Clock          6) End of the World Ice Cream   7) DO THE NIXON    8) SMOKE MACHINE   9) Time Trapper  10) Crucified By The British Press      11) Mr. Detail's Explanation  12) Farm Action   13) Into Gear   14) Cockroach Whiskey   15) TO EACH HIS ZONE ( SUNSHINE BABY BUTT)    16) Aerial Photograps From Alcatraz   17) Asteroid

LAUGHS BEST (The Kids Eat It Up)
 A 30 track retrospective spanning all 14 albums.   The perfect gateway to the world of Circus Devils.  It's not too late to turn on friends and family to a mind-bending rock and roll adventure.  A 32-track music video DVD included!



A concept album that chronicles the life of biker Harold Pig, as he is remembered by friends at his wake. Melodic, soulful, eerie, intense and gentle in turns.